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Many people are asking how to get off the SSRI – anti-depressant drug Zoloft. Zoloft has been marketed as a prescription drug that may help solve a chemical imbalance in the brain which has not yet been proven to be a cause of depression. Depression, unfortunately, is shown as a disease in the media and by the pharmaceutical industry. What many people do not know is that studies prove that changing your thoughts can change your serotonin and dopamine levels. Changing your beliefs are much more powerful because these are the permanent cycles that determine and are the source of your depression. There is a treatment that can help as well as rapidly detox your brain from Zoloft and reset neuroreceptors such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors which have become dependent on Zoloft and may put you into withdrawals if you stop suddenly and cause a permanent depletion of your serotonin re-uptake mechanism.

If you are born with parents that are insecure, overly sensitive, or have low self esteem and pass that on to you subconsciously. You absorb your parents beliefs about the world, life, and themselves as a natural and unconscious evolutionary instinct. So saying depression is genetic is of course correct, but scientist are only scratching the surface and not accounting for the belief system variables which can be changed.

Meditation, natural healing modalities, and most importantly, simple and objective self-awareness and scrupulous self-observation can heal your depression by allowing yourself to see the truth. That everything you believe about yourself is a lie. Did you know that you weren’t born with your name, your mental limitations, and the baggage you’ve absorbed over decades? You have, mostly unknowingly, made millions of choices over the years which have directly been related to your limiting beliefs.

Many people try for years to let go of beliefs with little to no avail since this is something that is wired into you very deeply. Moughenda, the shaman at Iboga House always says that ideas, beliefs are the most dangerous thing. They spread very fast and soon take over other beliefs and thoughts, and your whole consciousness. Iboga is a natural depression treatment which allows one to see the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. The truth may not be sugar coated and may be a quite shocking for some, but Iboga is a a root bark and spiritual discovery medicine, and therefore a complete system.

When you take Iboga, you are not able to sleep, eat, or move too much for at least 12 hours. This allows you to not put any other toxins in your body, focus on the issues and face yourself without distraction. You are also in a high REM dream state while awake, which is the state where neuro-plasticity of the brain increases dramatically. Many people experience Iboga and say they feel their brain is rewired. Some say it is like 10 years of psychotherapy. No one places beliefs on you. You uncover your own beliefs and see that they are wrong. As soon as you see this, 100%, in a clear and conscious way with the help of Iboga treatment, the belief is permanently gone.

The problem that often arises with trying to let go of beliefs on your own is that you do not mean it 100%. If you fight your belief and try to disprove it but only 99%, and do not see the source whether it be a memory, energy, feeling, or entity that exists somewhere within you, it has not been uprooted and will soon grow back after a few hours of a more vibrant and peaceful experience. The truth is, you can go on the hero’s journey, face your demons, and become the master of yourself, your birthright.

Iboga is not a miracle pill which gives you instant enlightenment. You have to meet it half-way. If you have been on Zoloft for quite a while, chances are it has seriously affected your serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Studies show that SSRIs like Zoloft can permanently change your brain chemistry, for the worse. Iboga not only provides this psycho-spiritual journey, but first of all detoxes you of all drugs, toxins, and microbes which can very well be a co-factor of your depression or bi-polar disorder.

Iboga resets cellular receptor sites and everyone who has come to Iboga House so far to detox from Zoloft and other SSRIs have done so with little to no withdrawals that last a day or two at most. You will be given a preliminary detox journey and a secondary psycho-spiritual journey during your stay at Iboga House Costa Rica which may include an amazing visionary experience on your first detox journey as well. However, most people need to clear the Zoloft and other toxins before the plant medicine can reach your mind fully and take you to the spiritual plane for the source healing.

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The following are various names for the drug Zoloft:






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Zoloft side effects include:

Sertraline Zoloft common side effects include unusual feelings of queasiness, sexual side effects, or diarrhea. � Between 15% and 20% of people taking Zoloft reported feelings of dizziness, excessive tiredness, or sleepiness. Dry mouth was also reported by this percentage of people taking Zoloft. � Between 10% and 15% of Zoloft patients experienced trembling, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, and upset stomach. � Between 2% and 10% of patients reported the side effects of sweating, headaches, body pain, unexpected weight loss, vision changes, hot flashes, tingling, or anxiety. � Finally, fewer than 1% of patients experienced weight gain, hair loss, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, flushing, ringing of the ears, or nasal irritation.

Rare and Serious Side Effects of Zoloft: change in behavior for some patients; in this case, patients may become aggressive, highly agitated, or nervous. Others may experience extreme elation, which is called mania. Some patients may find that they are allergic to Zoloft, and may experience serious side effects from an allergic reaction to the medication. Zoloft has been shown to increase suicidal thoughts, tendencies, or actions in patients under the age of 25. Teens and young adults should be watched closely while taking Zoloft, since the medication may make depression worse.

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