Spiritual Experiences


Everyone of our programs at the Iboga House includes a Spiritual experience. Why? because it doesn’t matter if you want to end an addiction, be free from; emotional pain, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, depression, a physical ailment, or just take your life to the next level, you have a spirit and if your mind or body have at all been effected by the world we live in then so has your spirit. Iboga will always detox your body first but as soon as this is achieved it will go right to the mind and the only way to totally heal a human mind is through a Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Journey. After a person has done a Psycho-Spiritual Journey they are then ready to do any of our other Spiritual programs to deeper on their studies. The Spiritual Journey or the Pre-initiation Ceremony. Here are a few testimonials:

“I can’t express enough how valuable this experience was/is. I was such a skeptic and a mistrusting person, but opened up not only by the Iboga itself and Moughenda, but by the love and respect shown by ALL at Iboga House, right down to the housekeepers as well as my fellow journeyers.

I’m writing this, my IBOGA testimonial, almost two weeks after my IBOGA pre-initiation under the guidance of Moughenda with a newfound sense of clarity, peace, belief, re-connection with my soul and my Truth.

I had given up on soul-searching as I’d become convinced I didn’t have one, going as far as to attempt to destroy any traces of a soul through decades of drink and drugs and when I finally decided to give up the booze and crack (none for a couple of years now) I realized the extent of the damage and felt at an absolute loss how to reconnect with my essence and soul, shrouded in a cloud of despair and negativity not wanting to let go of a life or suffering and attachments (family suicides, alcoholism, sex abuse) after which I’d learned to act as a mere machine. Even so, being sober, something inside me knew I had to search for meaning and for my soul, but I just didn’t know where to look. I tried therapy, a spiritual group (the fourth way), even Buddhism, but none of these touched me enough to surrender myself and give them all my trust, only leading to greater despair. So in my last ditch attempt to find my soul and the truth I came across the possibility of Iboga, and with the same mistrusting stance I researched the Iboga/Ibogaine provider options as best I could and having considered various cheaper options of Ibogaine providers close to where I live in Mexico, I ultimately decided on Iboga House, the decisive factor being the spiritual aspect not offered elsewhere, other than Africa.

Everything that Iboga apparently had to offer seemed just what I was looking for so from the time of my initial research I was in Costa Rica within two weeks; with hope, but with the same old mistrust of everything and everyone. In hindsight, having listened to Moughenda, perhaps this mistrust was not all together misplaced as he says, his people don’t believe until they can verify things through their own direct experience, or words to that effect.

From day one, being picked up at the bus station by Brad I was slowly able to verify for myself and being the first to arrive I was greeted by Mark, a dedicated provider in training, who answered my concerns putting me at ease, which continued with the arrival of the other journeyers, most of whom had taken Iboga before, except one other and myself. We were given an orientation talk by the clearly spiritually developed Joel, and heard more of the testimonies from those who had journeyed previously, and then found out we were to take our first journey with Iboga that very night. Great, no time for nerves! It was time to surrender myself. At 7:30 we were sat around the fire listening to Moughenda. I had expected everything to be deadly serious but was chuffed to see that, although it is serious affair, he has a sense of humor. I was impressed by the simplicity of the truths he speaks of, poles apart from any overly serious psuedo-shamanism. It felt honest, real, uncomplicated and without false secrecy.

Half way through Moughenda’s talk Brad suddenly passed us our Iboga and a glass of water, and Moughenda asked us all a question, “what is life?”, to which I could only answer, “a cloud of negativity”, feeling stupid that I couldn’t come up with a wise-sounding philosophical view point on the meaning of life but I needed to be honest and recognize where I was or seemed to be, and half an hour later we were lying down beginning our Journeys. It might not be necessary to go into every detail of the next 8-9 hours and the following 12 hours of my first journey as everyone’s experience is unique, but I will say I got what I needed, Iboga showed me the reality of my negativity, it presented my negative thought process to me in images, where I could clearly see how, while on a healthy train of thought, a negative thought rudely interrupts and I allow it to take control and gone is any such healthy train of thought. The clarity of how wrong it was to allow my negativity to take control was so simple but to me so deep and significant, although I was still at a loss about what to do about it and this had me worried. The journey continued throughout the night until sunrise and one vision that impressed me was that of an oriental woman handing me a rose at which I paused before deciding to accept it but she faded away during my hesitance which I clearly interpreted (the next day) as my shortcomings in accepting the love of others. At sunrise, with all of us still lying down, Moughenda stood over us as we half reconnected with our bodies, and anticipating some wise and deep words to help us up and back to our rooms, Moughenda smiles and says, “fuck it!” I actually couldn’t imagine anything wiser could be said :), at which we had a good laugh, staggering to our feet and back to our rooms where each of us would have the whole day to continue the second phase of the Journey.

My day was difficult. Hard work, pushing a boulder uphill, facing the extent of my negativity, staring my negative thought process in the face and not liking what I saw, again desperate that there was no way out and this went on until almost sunset, then came the power Moughenda spoke of to control our negative thoughts and I suddenly realized that I can only do so much reveling in negativity, then, not only from the mind, but something in my soul, decided to let go and an immense weight was lifted as I watched the sunset over the plains from the balcony having learned that I can chose not to go there when a negative thought comes to mind, but rather I can choose the positive route. So off again to the fire side talk before the girls’ journey; renewed.

The space and respect given and shared by everyone was priceless in my learning how to be and enjoy being with myself. I hadn’t thought I deserved it, but now I know I do.

In between our two Journeys we were given a spiritual shower. I am cynical about this kind of stuff but again, absolutely nothing pretentious or false about this; it was given and received genuinely, meaningfully and wholeheartedly by ALL.

So two days later on to my second journey which had been scheduled as a psycho-spiritual journey but I decided to change it to a pre-initiation in the hope to go deeper and to open up the possibility of going to Gabon in the summer. Again, I won’t go into every detail but with the onset of the Iboga we sat down to be painted and dressed in traditional, Bwiti fashion and Moughenda showed me some item or other (to this day I don’t not what it actually was, physically speaking that is) and he asked what I saw, which was a spiraling tree, which turned into an African wooden mask whose face would morph, then I was shown a mirror where I could look into my soul. I did not recognize myself as, apart from be painted and dressed up, I noticed I did have a soul after all. The mirror then turned blank, no reflection, and then into a skull; the inevitability of death perhaps, but no fear, just being and observing. So again, to lie down and continue the second Journey with diminished fear and new found trust. I can’t deny that negativity did rear its ugly head but I had the choice to say enough is enough and so another 8-9 hours of Journey until sunrise where among visions I travelled among the stars where the stars would come flashing by to the rhythm of Bwiti music, fast but not dizzying, on the contrary I felt totally liberated from the weight of my physicality, capturing the vastness of infinity and so content to be shown this for what seemed like hours. There was a funny and light-hearted pause in the Journey well worth a mention where my pre-initiation partner, Gregory, managed to connect with his body enough to stand up with backpack and all, to firmly state, “I’M DONE!” at which chuckles of empathy reverberated around the temple, where we all seemed to recognize that there was at least part of ourselves saying exactly the same thing, “I’M DONE!”, then he realized he couldn’t walk and we all decided we weren’t done, so we metaphorically turned over with a smile to “DO” the other side ’till sunrise and some great laughter over breakfast and another day with the space and respect to again continue the subtler side of the Journey from which I got what I needed.

The greatest lesson I learned was my ability to control negative thoughts and emotions. And although it might not come overnight it absolutely is something that can be conquered with continued work on spiritual development.

On reflection I’m glad I answered the “what is life” question with “a cloud of negativity” and the “what are emotions question” with “corrupt” as my answers came from the honesty of the dark place I found myself in.

Am I cured of all my ills from decades of what I can only call, an erroneous path to nowhere? perhaps not yet! Do I have a newfound sense of clarity, hope, positivity and openness to the Truth? Absolutely! The work must be incessant while remembering that I’m allowed to enjoy life. “We like to dance and have fun; we can do this and work”, as Moughenda says, or words to that effect. So I am focused and determined to go as deep as possible in my Journey and what better route than back to the root of humanity in the homeland of Africa, and what better way than through the spirit of Iboga.

Thank you Iboga, Moughenda, Brad, Joel, Jeanie, Mark and last but not least all my fellow Journeyers for your guidance, love and respect, and thank you for showing me my truths and giving me the chance to continue the work, not with a sense of burden, but with a sense of hope and knowing that it is possible and that it has begun.

- Richard, Mexico December 2012

“I have explored many areas for improving my health, wellness, and spirituality but nothing like what I received from Iboga House and the entire staff. I came down with a great deal of emotions revolving around the heart, self-betrayal, self-love, and relationship issues. With all of the experiences I have involved myself in for healing, nothing prepared me for 2011 and what I was set to do to myself. I have spent years working with ayahuasca plant medicine, energy medicines from Asia and the ancients from the Peruvian Andes, yoga and meditation to just name a few. My health and wellness was recovered over a six year period and then I experienced the most important lesson of my life…truth!

I have always been a searcher of the truth and have been honest with myself to the best of my ability. However, the relationship I ‘chose’ to enter into in 2011 was NOT truthful and honest from within. I believed in my heart that the intentions I had were real to me, and that the story I was living was truthful. IBOGA was about to teach me otherwise…and, showed me my own hell from not being truthful with myself. The most difficult decision in my life I took very lightly and lied to myself about matters of the heart and forgot to protect my own life in the process.

It came to a point where I was realizing my own karma and the pain that comes with betraying your heart, your own life, and not putting yourself #1. This was a 5 year friendship, turned short-term relationship, and ended up a living hell for ME that I learned only I could create. So, I decided to reach out to what I knew would lead me to the source of truth and ONLY Iboga and Moughenda would be able to guide me. It only took a week…psycho-spiritual journey and pre-initiation ceremony with Iboga…to have the entire truth of my life and current experience thrown in my face to never again do what I did to myself. Every ounce of truth from every experience was shown to me leaving two paths to follow; the path of truth or the path of karma. A decision still has to be made and when it comes to emotions that is still difficult to do because the ego wants to win, but I am here to tell you that the truth will be so strong that its hard to not choose the path of truth once you feel it.

I felt empty of emotional baggage, attachment, and needed only 24 hours following iboga which showed me how much of a re-birth I had just gone through. Moughenda guided me to my ancestors, spirit to spirit to get answers about my relationship, and then helped me clean up the mess in my gut with a new heart as well (energetically of course, but I can feel it as if I was just born). No more pits in my stomach with feelings of having just given my power away and my heart does not ache anymore. ONLY some thoughts and memories that I cannot control by making my mind work for me everyday. If I can share with anyone who loves and feels it necessary to be selfless without boundries for protecting yourself…make sure you see, think, and feel that there is NOBODY more important than yourself in life. That is the truth, and does not mean that I cannot be compassionate and help others, it just means that I have to have that for myself first before I can overflow to the rest of the world.

I will say there is a forgiveness aspect that follows for myself and then others which I have to do myself…and, I am doing just that because I have the truth of my life and myself at all times now. I am looking forward to coming back to Iboga House and going to Gabon to complete this amazing gift put out to the world forawareness and raised consciousness. If everyone in this world had the opportunity to work with Iboga and the rituals of Bwiti just once there would be heaven on earth and suffering would cease! Many thanks to Moughenda, Julia, and the staff at Iboga House for helping me move past what I feel was the hump of mylife with only wonderful things to come from here on in.”

-Marc from New York, USA