About Moughenda


Moughenda’s primary mission is to spread the healing of the Iboga root to the Western World. Together with his close family and his center, Iboga House, he uses his traditional African Bwiti Shamanic skills and the Full Iboga Root to provide safe, comfortable and life changing detoxification, Psycho-Spiritual exploration, traditional physical healing and Pre-initiation Ceremonies.



In 1976, at the very early age of eight years old Moughenda had his first teaspoon of ground Iboga root. It was given to him by his grandfather, one of the most well respected Shamanic healers in the south of Gabon. He gave it to him as part of his first introduction to the medicine that he would teach Mougehenda to use through out the rest of his 17 years of very strict Shaman training. Grandpa dedicated his full attention to teaching Moughenda. Moughenda spent more time with his grandfather than his actual parents. Iboga is still a entire family affair. Moughenda’s father was a devout Bwiti initiate and his mother and other family members are still a practicing spiritual healers, today.


Moughenda practices a Missoko Bwiti which is over 1000 years old and follows the traditions of the Dissumba, which is the mother of all Bwiti. Missoko Bwiti is a traditional spiritual path as opposed to a religion as it does not involve faith and a common or collective belief system. Missoko Bwiti includes five different branches; Ngonde(Diagnostics,), Mioba (Healings) ,Bussouka (Knowledge and Creation), Maboundi (Women), Senguedia ( Protection). Iboga is central to all aspects of the Bwiti tradition. Moughenda was born in Lambaréné and raised in Libreville in the Gabonese Republic. He began training as a Shaman at the age of eight. He was trained by his grandfather who was one of the most respected Shamanic healers in Gabon. Moughenda underwent six Bwiti initiations through his teenage years to complete his Bwiti Shamanic training. His father was also a devout Bwiti and his mother and other family members also practice spiritual healing.

In 1993, Moughenda was only 25 years young and it had been 3 years since he completed his Shaman training. He took a high paying job with the a Gabonese oil company to help support his family, all while continuing to visit his village regularly to conduct healings . During one of his shifts he befriended a European couple who he worked with who were having a problem with drug addiction. As drug addiction was not something prevalent in Gabon, Moughenda needed to learn about how to treat addicts so one night when doing some spiritual research (shamanic journeying) he got an answer from one of his spirit guides to treat his heroin addicted friends with the medicine he knew so well, Iboga.

One night, months after successfully treating his friends he then had a vision to travel to the Western World to spread the knowledge and healing of the Iboga Root. He was advised by his spirit guides that it was time that everyone (not just Africans) to know that they could be healed from emotional trauma, disease, mental illness and addiction with Bwiti shamanic skills and healing of Iboga.


A year later Moughenda arrived in NY City and then Settled in Harlem. He began learning English and the ways of the western world all while doing free treatments in Canada on the side. After 9 years Moughenda finally got a green light from his spirit guides. They told him to open a Iboga treatment center. By doing this he knew he could accomplish two things. Firstly, he could properly spread the healing of the Iboga Root and help free many people and their families living in the west from the very common illnesses and addictions that seem to be plaguing and destroying the western world. Secondly, he could provide a better living to his tribe members in Gabon by paying them to start sourcing and growing high quality Iboga and other herbs for him to use for healings at his center.

In 2008, Moughenda visited countries like Mexico and Canada in search for the right place for his center but it wasn’t until July 2009 when his spirit guides chose and directed him to Costa Rica. And that is when he finally found what he was looking for. Iboga House, located on 107 acres of rolling farm land with breathtaking views.


It only took him a few days to find the Iboga House property and upon entering the gate, before even seeing the two houses or the rest of the land he knew that this beautiful place was going to be the site of the first Bwiti run Iboga Treatment Center in the Western World. A place where a true African Bwiti Shaman would provide traditional healings in a special space and in close proximity to the majority of the world in need of Iboga.


On July 15th 2009 the Iboga House Center was opened with its first ceremony/treatment. Only two months later in September 2009 Julia Ann Malone an architectural designer from Canada received a life changing treatment from Moughenda at the Iboga House. She experienced a Pre-Initiation Ceremony which freed her in 24 hours from 15 years of chronic fatigue, low immune system, back pain, depression and emotional addiction. Two months after her treatment she returned back to the Iboga House in Costa Rica to survey the land and begin the design for the Iboga village. A vision she shared with Moughenda. Within no time she found herself helping with the development of the business, including everything from graphic design to marketing and business planning. Within 3 months from her arrival she was appointed director and first ceremonial assistant to Moughenda.


On July 15th 2010 Iboga House staff celebrated its first birthday in Gabon with Moughenda’s family. In less than one years time the Iboga House had already healed well over 120 people from over 8 countries and it continues to grow exponentially. November 2010, Iboga House became recognized by the Ministry of Health as an official clinic for rehabilitation for persons with addiction problems


On December 1st, 2010 Iboga House began major expansion where it took over a larger center on the neighboring property and another 107 acres of surrounding land. This very spacious house is the new after care house.


As of July 2014, Iboga House has already treated over 1045 patients from countries such as, Australia, England, Germany, Canada, Russia, Bolivia, Cost Rica and Brazil; many which have been doctors coming for Psycho-Spiritual Exploration. Many patients received major healing and improvements in their symptoms related to auto-immune diseases, including MS and Cataplexy. Many more came for detox and Psycho-Spiritual journeys. Iboga House is making big waves in Latin America and has already laid the ground work to move into two more countries.

Moughenda is featured in a Plant Medicine Iboga Video alongside Visionary Alex Grey: