24-Hr. Drug Detox


Freedom in just a few short days

This program is 8, 12 or 14 days and it involves more than just a major rapid 24 hour Iboga detox. The detox begins in the first 24 hours from your arrival at the Iboga House. Iboga Detox is the first step to addiction recovery for someone who is struggling with addiction and emotional problems.

Following your all natural Iboga Detoxes you will be clean and clear of all the drugs or alcohol that were in your system and therefore withdrawal free and ready for your one on one counselling with Moughenda which will help you to prepare for your Psycho-Spiritual Journey. This is an integral part of breaking an addiction and part of the personal development therapy we offer with our Addiction Detox Program . (We also offer psycho-spiritual therapy for people who are not struggling with addiction.) For more information on your psycho-spiritual therapy please read more below.

Here is a list of drugs that we can permanently help free you from;

“I always screen the client first, to determine the level of addiction. With drug addiction, the first thing I do is find out if the person is dealing only with drugs, or if they are also dealing with bad spirits.

I would estimate that seventy-five percent of people with a drug addiction are also having an issue with bad spirit possession. That is who is pushing them to get the drugs. If necessary, I extract the bad spirits first, and then send the person to treatment.

What Iboga does is free the person from withdrawal symptoms and completely free them from all craving. The Iboga takes the person back to the first time they started to use drugs [or another substance]. In that moment, they face themselves. They review that first day, and they confront themselves through knowing how and why they started using drugs. At that moment it is not somebody else telling them what to do. It is themselves facing themselves. It is a challenge. They will have visions, and they will be able to make a decision, whether to come back, or whether to use the drugs again. The Iboga also plays a big role in helping somebody make that decision. Once you get totally free, your mind is set to zero. When the mind is set to zero, you begin to think properly. That means that when you see the drugs again, you are able to choose clearly not to take that path again. You become a different person.

With Iboga there are three stages to the healing. I know what to do before the detox and afterward. It is not just physical, but mind, body and spirit combined. The mind and spirit need to be detoxed and healed also. I make sure that the body is clean, the mind is set to zero and the spirit is clean. That way the person leaves totally free.” – MOUGHENDA

Programs vary in length. Once we review your health questionnaire we can tell you which program is available to you.

Eight day programs are for minor addiction detox and SSRI detox and involve one detox and one psycho-spiritual Iboga journey, pricing starts at $6500 USD

Twelve day programs are for medium to heavy single addiction detox and involve two detoxes and one psycho-spiritual Iboga journey, pricing starts at $9,900 USD

Fourteen day programs are for heavy poly drug use and addiction, duel diagnosis as well as heavy opiate use and involve three detoxes and one psycho-spiritual Iboga journey, pricing starts at $11,000 USD.

  • Addiction Detox and Therapy Program Overview
  • During your stay at our center you will be provided with the following:
  • Private Accommodation with view and air conditioning at our mountain-side ranch.
  • Three daily meals prepared by our local chef, with ingredients are from local farms and markets.
  • House keeping and Laundry Service.

Your treatment which includes;

  • A Spiritual Shower at the river to cleanse away bad spirits or energies that a person may carry from using drugs (including prescribed).
  • A rapid drug detox using Iboga, to detoxify the body of all harmful and addictive chemicals.
  • A Psycho-Spiritual Iboga journey with Moughenda, 10th generation shaman from Africa (for introspective life review/to clear the mind and to go to the spiritual world to esolve any issues)
  • Counseling with Moughenda, which also includes; self empowerment and traditional Bwiti life lessons.
  • 24 hour support from our in-house staff and on-call physicians.
  • A relaxation and rehabilitation day at the spa which includes; a mud bath, volcanic hot springs and a gourmet lunch.
  • An hour long horseback ride up a mountain and a canopy tour on zip lines down the mountain (optional)
  • A day at the beach with lunch at a beach side restaurant

AND Yes breaking an addiction with Iboga and Moughenda’s help is as simple as that. It works.

The Iboga House is a Shamanic Treatment Center in Costa Rica (Central America), but we also have a doctor on call 24 hours a day if need be. It is important for our patients to be 100% truthful with us during the pre-screening process, on your paperwork once you arrive, and during Moughenda’s screening when you arrive. All alcohol and drug use including the amount, needs to be disclosed. Most stimulants such as crystal meth, cocaine, crack, Adderall, Ritalin, Ephedra and any drug that fits into the stimulant category (besides coffee the morning of your treatment) cannot be taken 72 hours before Iboga is ingested and could delay your treatment. We do not allow drugs on the premises. We require that any drugs that you may have brought with to be handed over to an Iboga House employee. Drug use during an iboga treatment and not disclosing all drug use within the last 72 hours will result in dismissal from the Addiction Detox Program at the Iboga House. Drug use during treatment could result in hospitalization and can even be fatal. This is why we take safety seroiusly at the Iboga House. Although we expect and require the rules listed above to be followed, it is ultimately up to the patient to follow these rules and to be truthful on their paperwork.

For Pricing and More Information on our Alcohol and Drug Detox call us today at 1-888-624-3103 to get started on your detox and recovery.


We also help people get off of anti-depressants and detox from the following:

  • Abilify Detox
  • Celexa Detox
  • Cymbalta Detox
  • Effexor Detox
  • Lexapro Detox
  • Prozac Detox
  • Seroquel
  • Vicodin Detox
  • Wellbutrin Detox
  • Zoloft Detox

  • Contact us today for more information on natural rapid drug detox with Iboga treatment